Our Coaching Philosophy

At Rancho Racing, we believe: 


  • Running should positively contribute to your life and community

  • Running is an important part of your life - but not your whole life

  • Running should reduce the stress in your life - not add to it

  • Running can be a fundamental source of personal growth and accomplishment - but needs to be fun, too

  • The best approach is a developmental, response-regulated one that leads to consistent and productive habits being built over time

Whether you are just beginning to see yourself as a runner, looking for a new challenge, a parent trying to return to an active lifestyle,  or a seasoned competitor looking to overcome a plateau, we will examine your goals, your background, your time commitments, and pressures. We will set realistic goals and map out a training plan tailored to your goals and your schedule. Our aim is "real life" coaching - balancing all the important things in life while achieving personal satisfaction and improving your running performance.


Individualized Coaching

The Process

Our coaching is focused on the needs of the runner. It is completely based on you and your needs at this point in time. The number one reason that cookie-cutter plans don't work is that they weren't designed with you in mind... that's why we don't use cookie-cutter plans. 

Together, we will:

  • Establish training/racing goals

  • Develop a training plan 

  • Establish a training schedule

  • Monitor progress to assess (and re-assess) our plan

  • Learn how to become a stronger runner 

Coaching Prices & Packages


We offer two general coaching packages. Both begin with a free consultation (either in person or over the phone). 

Individual In-Person Coaching:  $125 per month 

Individual Online Coaching: $75 per month


  • assistance establishing training/racing goals

  • assessment of your stride/running form

  • development of a customized training plan

  • regular monitoring of performance and progress

  • weekly training analysis and performance feedback

  • race planning and strategy sessions

  • unlimited text and email communications each month

  • guaranteed response within 24 hours 

Customized Training Plans as low as $35/month

(no coaching services included)

Group Training/Coaching Session:  $70/hr.

Grab friends, family, or co-workers and workout together!  This session can be tailored to fit your needs or go with a standard format:

  • warm-up

  • dynamic stretching

  • form drills

  • workout

  • cool down

  • stretch & strength 

We also offer customized workshops for individuals, groups, or clubs hoping to increase their basic knowledge of safe and effective running. Potential workshop topics include:

  • The Basic Concepts, Principles, Theories and Rules of Running (1 hour)

  • Setting Smart Goals: Establishing Training and Racing Goals (1 hour)

  • How to Prepare for Race Day and Execute Your Race Strategy (30 Minutes)

  • Improving Efficiency: Running with Proper Form (1 hour)

  • Improving Performance: Developing Endurance & Speed (90 Minutes)

  • How to Safely Build-Your-Own Training Plan (2 Hours)

Rates vary. Contact us for details.

Juan Garcia is an RRCA certified running coach with over 25 years of running experience and 20 years of coaching experience. He has coached and developed training plans for athletes of all levels and abilities, and for every distance from the 5K to the marathon.

If you work with Juan, he will engage you in discussions about your training and motivation, encourage you to ask questions about the process and challenge you to push beyond your comfort zone.  He will help you develop your competitive side and encourage you to find the joy in running. 


If you are interested in following a personalized running plan towards a peak performance, contact juan@ranchoracing.org

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