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Rancho Racing is a Rancho Cucamonga-based company that designs, markets, and produces local running events and experiences for athletes of all levels. Our team is passionate about what it does and takes pride in partnering with organizations seeking to engage targeted, active consumers. We are committed to our people and partners, our community, and the highest standards of excellence.

We are running event directors

Rancho Racing develops running events in and around Rancho Cucamonga with the goal of fueling the passion of athletes while building our community through the joy of running. We set out to make a lasting impact on the lives of our participants and on our community at-large.

We are runners

As runners, we know the joy of earning a personal best and the disappointment of a bad day. We've experienced the rush of competition and have suffered through the pain of injury. Each of us was once a "newbie" who had to figure out which shoes were best for us, had to suffer through our first battle with chaffing, and who laughed at the word fartlek.

In short, we get you because we are you.


From the 5k to the marathon (and beyond), we’ll help you accomplish your goals… even if you don’t know what they are yet.

We can design a customized program for you along with proven training techniques and motivational leadership to help you accomplish your goals.

We are running coaches



Coach/Race Director

Favorite Race Distances: 10K and Half-Marathon
Favorite Non-Running Activity: Baseball

Favorite Cheat Meal: Thick Crust Pizza

"Old Man" Bests: Mile - 6:32, 5K - 21:30, 10K - 43:22, Half Marathon - 1:33:59, Marathon - 3:44:20

As an athlete and coach, I know how challenging it can be to train effectively and how the needs of runners change over time. Running for over 25 years and coaching since 2000, I know what it takes to help amateur athletes set and surpass their goals, while still making sure they have time for family, friends, and school or work. 

My coaching approach is straightforward, focusing on three main pillars – training to achieve your goals, focusing on injury prevention and overall health, and educating my athletes on how to enjoy running and train intelligently long after we’re done working together. 

I was never the fastest runner on the team, so I understand that the pride in accomplishing your goals isn’t just about being the fastest runner on the course. And it’s that sense of accomplishment from working hard for something that I try to pass along to my runners.

Most recently, runners I’ve coached include:

  • Local high school runners (Claremont High School, Etiwanda High School, Los Osos High School)

  • Adult runners (Couch to 5K, New PR, First Half Marathon, First Marathon, Improving Health)

  • Masters runners (Back to Running, Staying Active, First 5K)

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